Duos Groups Will Duke It Out In A Live Two-Man Improv Competition

Duos groups will duke it out in this live two-man improv competition sponsored by INDI.COM.

Each show duo groups will have just 3 minutes for their improvised scenes.

The 3 winning groups for each show is determined, based on audience votes.

  • Each audience member will be given a ballot as they enter the theater. In order to preserve the integrity of the vote, we will not be passing out additional ballots inside the theater.
  • No ballots will be distributed once the show starts.
  • The 3 winning groups from each night will compete in a Final Championship Round.
  • After each show, all of the team will upload their taped performance to the indi.com web site where online voting begins.
    • The winning prize for top online vote getting team is $200.
  • The championship round will feature an audience vote as well as special guest judges to decide who is the best of the best.
    • The winning prize for Championship Show team is $300.
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